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The primary duties of the Dawson County Detention Center include overseeing individuals are awaiting trial after arrest. The Dawson County Detention Center is designed to house192 inmates. During 2012, the Detention Center booked 1,803 inmates and released 1,788 inmates.

Local detention centers are designed to house pre-trial detainees; whereas, prison systems are designed for confinement after conviction. Because of this distinction, detention center detainees are afforded more rights. Detentions centers are tasked with many responsibilities, such as providing for the protection of certain civil rights and providing programs of recovery. Programs that are offered to our inmates include:

Alcoholics Anonymous,Assistance obtaining a General Education Diploma (GED),Reformers Unanimous, andReligious services.

The Dawson County Detention Center maintains an inmate work force. Participants are responsible for several facility details, such as cleaning floors, kitchen duties, and laundry services. In addition facility details within the Law Enforcement Center, the inmate work force supplements various county departments, such as the County Maintenance Shop, Parks and Recreations Department, Public Works, and the school system.

The Detention Center also participates in the Inmate Work Release Program for eligible detainees. Under the work release program, inmates with court approval are allowed to leave the detention facility and attend approved jobs. Lastly, the Detention Center oversees the house arrest program for approved inmates.


For inmate information, dial (706) 344-3535.


Commander - Major Jeff Johnson

Administrative Lieutenant - Anne Martin

First Lieutenant - David Lingerfelt

Inmate Services - Jane Czajkoski