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Effective April 1, 2011, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office will impose a non-refundable $25.00 processing fee for all expungement applications. Submit completed paperwork and processing fee to Records Manager Amanda Martin. The processing fee must be paid via certified check or money order made payable to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. Once a request decision is finalized, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office will notify the applicant by phone and in writing. The requestor will be responsible for obtaining application disposition from the Clerk of Court. Please note:

The Clerk of Court will not expunge charges if an applicant was found guilty, served a sentence (such as incarceration time or probation), or paid fines/fees.

The decision to expunge specific charges (such as nolle prossed, dismissed, not guilty, etc,) is at the sole discretion of District Attorney Lee Darragh.

If the request for expungement is approved, the applicant will be responsible for submitting a completed packet to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). GCIC requirements are as follows:

Expungement refers to the purging of criminal history records. O.C.G.A. §35337 (d) provides for the expungement of certain criminal history records when approved by the prosecuting attorney. GCIC cannot expunge a criminal history record without the approval of the prosecuting attorney.

For any requests/applications received by the arresting agency, as of August 1, 2009, GCIC will require a fee of $25.00 from the applicant to process the Request for Expungement (“Request Form”) approved by the prosecuting attorney. Each Request Form may contain ONE (1) Date of Arrest (there may be single or multiple charges for the date of arrest). The $25.00 fee (money order or certified check payable to “Georgia Bureau of Investigation”) must be attached to the Request Form. GCIC requires the fee submission once the request is approved by the prosecutor and submitted to GCIC.

The arresting agency may also require a fee to process the request as authorized under O.C.G.A. §35337 (d) (1) (B). Please seek additional instructions from the arresting agency with regards to how the fees should be paid or how the approved request should be submitted to GCIC.

If the completed Request Form is sent to GCIC without the fee, the Request Form will be returned to the applicant.

GCIC will not issue refunds when applications are not approved by the prosecutor.

Requests for Expungement that have missing data will not be processed until all required data is received, and the fee will not be refunded due to missing data.

The applicant will complete Section One of the Request for Expungement and forward the threepage Request for Expungement to the arresting agency.

The arresting agency will complete Section Two of the Request for Expungement and forward the threepage Request for Expungement to the prosecutor for approval.

The prosecutor will approve or deny the request and return form to the arresting agency.

Once approved by the prosecutor, the arresting agency may return the approved Request Form to the applicant, who will be responsible for forwarding the approved Request Form and $25.00 fee to GCIC. If the arresting agency collects the GCIC fee from the applicant at the time the request is received, the arresting agency may forward the Request Form and $25.00 fee to GCIC on behalf of the applicant.

If the approved Request Form is received by GCIC without payment, the request will be rejected and returned to the applicant.

Mail the approved Request for Expungement Form and $25.00 fee (money order or certified check payable to “Georgia Bureau of Investigation”) to:

Georgia Crime Information Center


P.O. Box 370808

Decatur, Georgia 30037-0808

Requests for expungement may be paid in person to GCIC between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, except designated state holidays. GCIC is located at 3121 Panthersville Road, Decatur, Georgia 30034.

To check the status of your request, contact the GCIC CCH/Identification Services at (404) 270-8396.

For additional information regarding criminal histories:

For arrest segments, contact Aleisha Rucker-Wright at (706) 344-3636For dispositions, contact the Clerk of Court at (706) 344-3510

For all other inquires, contact Aleisha Rucker-Wright (706) 344-3535

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