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In the winter of 2000, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office developed a program to assist senior citizens in our community. During this time, Dawson County contacted a company to pave several road located within the county. The company contacted needed a place to dispose of the removed trees. Members of the Sheriff’s Office suggested the company could relocate the downed trees to the jail. A member of our staff, who assisted with inmate labor, could then cut the wood into firewood length and give to citizens in need. The Criminal Investigations Division began contributing to the project as well. An individual had recently been arrested for selling illegal drugs. During the arrest and prosecution of this individual, a wide variety of property and assets were seized. Among the items seized was a wood splitter. The Sheriff’s Office was awarded the possession of the wood splitter in a court order. The Sheriff’s Office began using the wood splitter to cut firewood for those in need. During the winter, approximately thirty loads of wood were hauled to senior citizens who resided in Dawson County. The wood was given to individuals who primarily used wood to heat their homes, those that could not afford to purchase wood, and those who could no longer physically cut and haul their own wood.

To ensure the wood was given to appropriate citizens, the Sheriff’s Office partnered with the Dawson County Senior Center to evaluate all firewood applications. The Sheriff’s Office plans to continue this service for many years to come.

If you or someone you know is in need of firewood, please contact Margie Weaver who is the director of the Dawson County Senior Center at 706-344-3700.

Margie Weaver

Dawson County Senior Center

P.O. Box 598

Dawsonville, GA 30534

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