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Sheriff Billy Carlisle strives to save taxpayers money; therefore, the Dawson County Sheriffs Office has established an inmate work force to aid in accomplishing this goal. The Sheriffs Office grants several county departments access to inmate labor at no charge. For example, the City Water Department, Parks and Recreation, the school system, and several county offices frequently utilize the inmate labor force. The labor force is estimated to save the county approximately $150,000 per year. The Sheriffs Office assigned two detention officers to oversee the operation of this work detail. This crew is responsible for task such as cutting grass at all county and city buildings, collecting trash at county and city buildings, trash pick-up on county and city routes, and maintenance and constructions for various projects at county offices.

To learn more about the inmate work detail, contact Major Johnson at (706) 344-3545 or email jjohnson@dawsoncountysheriff.org.


In 1997, the Dawson County Sheriffs Office implemented the Work Release Program. According to Georgia State Law, a superior court judge reserves the right to sentence an individual, who meets specific criteria, to the Work Release Program. This program enables inmates to maintain full-time employment while completing sentencing. Allowing eligible inmates to participate in this program helps ensure required financial payments and other court ordered requirements are satisfied.

This program is limited to ten individuals, who must meet very specific criteria. Inmates who have been charged or convicted of aggravated crimes, sex related crimes, bail or bond absconding, violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act involving intent to distribute, vehicular homicide, and/or robbery are not eligible for participation.

Additionally, all participants must be employed with a legitimate employer. Each participant shall pay subsistence for room and board, which is determined by the Program Supervisor. Each participant must consent to urine based drug screens as requested by work release staff; the inmate must pay a $10.00 fee for each drug screen administered. Because participants are not allowed to drive unless specifically ordered by the court, participants must have access to reliable transportation from a licensed driver. Lastly, participants are expected to adhere to all policies and procedures established by the Dawson County Sheriffs Office regarding the Work Release Program and inmate expectations.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Work Release Program is encouraged to contact Major Johnson at the Detention Center. If you have a friend or family member who may be eligible for the program, you can obtain a Work Release Application at the Detention Center.