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How to Apply for a Firearms License

The Probate Court of Dawson County issues firearms licenses to all qualified persons who are residents of Dawson County, Georgia.

Firearms licenses may be obtained Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Applicants must report to the Dawson County Probate Court (located in the Dawson County Government Center) to apply for a firearms license. Requirements for a firearms permit include:

  • Must be 21 years of age;
  • Must be a resident of Dawson County, Georgia;
  • Must submit a picture identification including physical address;
  • Must submit to a criminal background check before any license is issued (if the applicant has been convicted of any drug charges, misdemeanor or felony, or if there are any convictions or pending charges under the Domestic Violence Act, a firearm permit will not be issued. Convicted felons and persons suffering from mental illness are also barred from receiving a permit to carry a concealed weapon. If you have questions regarding the various prohibitions for firearms licenses, you may discuss the issues in person with Probate Court personnel); and
  • Fees: $69.75 cash, cashier check, or money order made payable to Dawson County Probate Court at time of application and $5.00 cash which must be presented to the Dawson County Detention Center at the time the applicant appears for fingerprinting.

If approved, the license is valid for five years.

For additional information relating to the application for a firearms permit, please contact the Dawson County Probate Court at 706-344-3580.

Additional Georgia Laws Governing Firearms Licenses

Applicants are encouraged to read all Georgia Laws governing firearm(s) possession. Georgia Laws can be located at To review firearm code section(s), type the corresponding code title in the search field, and click search. A list of searched code sections will appear. Click on the desired title to read the code section. Special characters can be omitted during searches. Code titles are as follows:

  • § 16-11-125.1 Definitions
  • § 16-11-126 Possessing or carrying a handgun or long gun
  • § 16-11-127 Carrying a weapon in unauthorized locations
  • § 16-11-127.1 Weapons on school safety zones, school buildings or grounds or at school functions
  • § 16-11-127.2 Possession of weapons on nuclear power facility premises
  • § 16-11-128 Repealed by Laws 2010, Act 643, § 1-6, eff. June 4, 2010
  • § 16-11-129 License to weapons carry
  • § 16-11-130 Exemptions
  • § 16-11-131 Convicted felons, possession of firearms prohibited
  • § 16-11-132 Possession of handgun by persons under 18

Carrying a Firearm in a State other than Georgia

Laws regarding firearms vary from state to state; therefore, firearm permits issued in Georgia may or may not be recognized in other states. Prior to carrying a firearm in a state other than Georgia, individuals are strongly encouraged to contact law enforcement agencies in the destination state regarding firearm possession laws.