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Junior Police Academy

One of the most popular programs the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office offers to children is the Junior Police Academy. Children enrolled in the 4th grade are eligible for the first session of the Junior Police Academy, and children enrolled in the 5th or 6th grade are eligible for the second session of this program. Program attendance and quality has grown dramatically since the program’s inception 10 years ago. This program greatly fosters trust between children and law enforcement personnel. Registration ...Read More

Advanced Junior Police Academy

The Advanced Junior Police Academy is an extension of the Junior Police Academy for children.  Participants must be enrolled in 7th or 8th grade.  This three-day program builds upon lessons learned in the Junior Police Academy.  Group size is smaller to ensure participants receive more individualized instruction.  This program includes practical applications of topics such as crime scene processing and use of force. Registration is conducted through the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers.

Caught Safe Driving Program

In 2010, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office launched the Caught Safe Driving Program. This program aims to reward teen drivers who officers observe driving safely. Adolescents are randomly chosen throughout the year. The program was an instant success and greatly increased seatbelt usage.

CHAMPS Program

The CHAMPS program is the core crime prevention program offered to our children. The Dawson County Board of Education requires all 5th grade students to participate in this program. The School Board heavily supports this program with partial and full funding of school resource officer positions. The class is conducted by the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers.

Family Connections Mentoring Program

The Dawson County Family Connection directs this program, which offers children positive role models. Volunteers mentor and encourage positive behaviors. Since the program’s inception, several Dawson County officers have volunteered with this program. Officer Stan Harrison actively participates with this program. To learn more about the Dawson County Family Connection, please visit

Jail tours for unruly juveniles

Parents often request tours of the Dawson County Detention Center for unruly juveniles. With parental consent and Sheriff Johnson’s approval, juveniles are exposed to the daily life of current inmates. This tour emphasizes freedoms that are denied to individuals in custody. Special Note - This is not a “scared straight” type of offering.

Shop with a Cop

Shop with a Cop offers underprivileged children the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for themselves and/or family members.  Officers volunteer to accompany participants during shopping trips and help them manage their allotted funds.  We greatly appreciate the financial support received from our community. Without their generous contributions, many of our area youth would unfortunately go without.