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Neighborhood Watch

As a continuing effort to strengthen our community, an emphasis is being placed on neighborhood watch programs. Although these programs have been sporadic throughout the years, it is the intent of the Sheriff’s Office to elevate the coordination and management of this most valuable program.

Sheriff Jeff Johnson acknowledges, “No one knows their neighborhood better than those who live in it. We ask our residents to be our eyes and our ears. Call us and allow us to respond in order to make your community a safer place to live.”

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office endorses neighborhood watch programs. These programs obtain citizen involvement to discourage and prevent residential crimes. A neighborhood watch is one of the most effective and cost efficient methods to prevent crime. Neighborhood watches are especially effective in deterring burglaries and thefts. Neighborhoods requesting to organize a Watch Program are encouraged to contact Lieutenant Brad Hardman at 706-344-3535 ext. 20541 or email Brad at