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2017 Kindergarten Round-Up

The Dawson County Sheriff's Office proudly partnered with the Dawson County School System to provide personal safety tips during the 2017 Kindergarten Round-Up. As part of our initiative, over 150 children were finger-printed and photographed as a safety precaution. Sheriff Jeff Johnson, "We hope and pray that this information is never needed, however we understand the realizations of the world we live in. We encourage all parents to be prepared and take any and all precautions to protect their children." ...Read More

Citizens Law Enforcement Academy

The Dawson County Sheriff's Office recently hosted its 2017 Citizens Law Enforcement Academy for county residents who desired to learn more about law enforcement operations within the county. Participants were exposed to all facets and responsibilities that are required of the sheriff and his deputies. Activities included an informative tour of the Detention Center, Communications Center, and Court House. Students participated in a ride along with patrol officers, conducted simulated traffic stops and experienced less lethal force options and deployment ...Read More

Citizen’s Day on the Range

The Dawson County Sheriff's Office is committed to better protecting our community by increasing self-protection and self-awareness programs. Recently, the Sheriff's Office conducted one of its many citizen’s firearms training programs. These programs are designed to increase an individual’s firearms safety, skills and abilities. Sheriff Jeff Johnson believes that the one of the primary roles of any law enforcement agency is to empower it peoples to become self-reliant. "We have to do a better job of using our resources, our ...Read More

Scenario Training

Unfortunately, active shooters have become all too common throughout our country and around the globe. Recently, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office participated in a mutual aid response to a simulated active shooter drill. Officers were presented with several decision making scenarios involving an officer down, immediate and non-immediate threat assessments, innocent bystanders, and a hostage situation. All designed to challenge an officers training, decision making and proficiency. Sheriff Jeff Johnson is quick to recognize these changing times and responses, “As ...Read More